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    Tuba is the general name for several musical instruments which are
the newest additions to the brass family. Tubas are the largest
instruments in the brass family and also have the lowest pitch. The
tuba, unlike most other brass instruments is held vertically when it is
played. Sound is produced when the musician vibrates his or her lips
into a cup shaped mouthpiece. Notes can then be changed when the
musician changes his or her lip tension or fingering on the
instrument's valves. The most popular type of tube is the baritone
tuba, also known as the euphonium. This type of tuba usually has three
or four valves and is most common in concert and marching bands. The
upright tuba is usually used in symphony orchestras. This tuba has
three to five valves and is generally larger than the baritone tuba.
The three valve sousaphone is often used in marching bands. It wraps
around the musician and has a flaring bell. In addition, in drum and
bugle corps, the marching bugle tuba, a three-valve tuba, is often used.


tuba was patented in 1835 by Friedrich Wilhelm Wieprecht (a Prussian
bandmaster) and Johann Gottfried Moritz (a German builder). It was one
of their several attempts to provide the wind band with a suitable
valved, brass, bass instrument. There were several antecedents of the
tuba, including the serpent (an s-shaped, cup mouthpiece wooden bass
with finger holes) and the ophicleide (a keyed bass bugle).

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